Human Rights and Racial Inequality

| February 9, 2014

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THE SAME WRITER FOR ORDER NUMBER: #546200 MUST COMPLETE THIS PAPER. Topic: Human Rights and Racial Inequality 1. Preliminary Outline and Bibliography (2-3pages) 2. Annotated Bibliography 3.Methodology for your Research 4. Present a Draft of the Introduction 5. Final Draft of Paper.
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The visible minorities have continually been subjected to employment discrimination in Canada. As Canada’s population changes, complexities in the workplace increase. Thesis Statement On The Topic A theory has been fronted to explain the problem of visible minorities discrimination in the workplace. Social Capital explains the condition of employment inequality in Canada Research also shows that visible minorities have a hard time getting Job Opportunities 1991 data shows that unemployment rate among visible minorities was 5% more than for the average Canadian, further showing how this group is discriminated against. For the discriminated group, even getting relevant qualifications does not seem to work to their favor; there is still discrimination in terms of securing prime jobs. Changing Demographics in Canada are only worsening the state of Minorities’ Employment. While the economy of Canada continues to boom, the fruits of such positive growth are not felt by the discriminated lot
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