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| May 27, 2015
  1. Assignment 2: Individual Report. Length of report: 2,400+ words.

Choose any organisation of your choice, i.e. any MNC or SME operating in any country. Write a report on what and how human resources strategies can be implemented in the chosen organisation in order to create a high performance work system.



The learning outcomes accessed are (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v) & (vi) as presented on page 9.



Choose only, any THREE (3) of the Strategic HRM practices from below. Formulate how these 3 chosen practices can be implemented in the chosen organisation so that it can add economic value to the organisation and create a high performance work system.



  1. General Layout of Written Assignment
  1. 1st page: UCD assignment submission form, 2nd page: Student’s cover page with indication of word count. 3rd page: Table of Contents followed by body of assignment. Assignment should be in report format with headings and sub-headings.


  1. Type written with Times New Roman or Arial font size:12. 1.5 or 2x line spacing. Single or double side printing. Reference list on last page.


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