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| May 20, 2015
upplemental Text: Negotiation: Reading, Exercises & Cases. Page, 490. Exercise Four: The Used Car. Complete the Statement of Agreement for Purchase of the Automobile at the completion of this exercise. Only 1 Agreement per group will be submitted. Please be sure to include all group members names on the agreement.

The negotiations are done online and in groups. You must actively participate in the team negotiations. After receiving a set of facts setting the stage, your team will negotiate a resolution with another team and will report the resolution to the class. You will be evaluated on quality of your input in reaching a mutually beneficial resolution, as well as on the professionalism of your conduct through the negotiation process.

Book Used can be the reference: Negotiation
Lewicki, Roy J.
6TH 10 / Richard D. Irwin, Inc.

Please provide a paper with at least 5 scenerios by role playing to sell this car.

Please provide suggested answers listed below as a seller

Manner of Payment:

Special Terms and Conditions:

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