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| July 1, 2016

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You are required to conduct some research into how HR supports organisational performance. Your are required to provide written answers to the 4 questions below:

Question 1
§ Give examples of the main organisational objectives that the HR function is responsible for delivering and briefly explain how these have evolved/are evolving in contemporary organisations. In your answer, provide a brief justification for managing HR in a professional, ethical and just manner (1.1 + 1.3)
Question 2
§ Give a brief summary of two different ways HR objectives can be delivered in organisations (2.1)
§ Analyse how the HR function varies between organisations in different sectors and of different sizes (2.2)
Question 3
§ Your CEO has asked for a report on the contribution of the HR function to the business. In preparation for the report, give a brief summary of the criteria and methods you would use to evaluate the HR function’s contribution, e.g. the balanced scorecard, effective HR metrics, survey tools, line manager and employee perspectives (3.1)
Question 4
§ You will be given an article by your tutor/trainer that identifies and evaluates research evidence linking HR practices with positive organisational outcomes. Your task is to:
– Briefly summarise the findings
– State how convincing you find these to be
– Explain how high performance working and investment in people can impact on organisational
performance. (4.1 & 4.2)

In addition to the above, in a short paragraph, briefly describe how you will transfer the new knowledge and skills gained during this assignment into working practices. You may also use this reflection for your CPD.

You should also include 3-5 references from up to date and relevant sources in order to support your findings. This assignment must be submitted through Online Services.

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