Human Resource Respond

| December 12, 2015

Human Resource Respond

Read the article. Those of you looking for extra credit have until next Tuesday’s class to produce a short 2 paragraph summary that answers the following questions:
1. What surprised you in this article?
2. Is there anyone in your past who has told you to follow your passions?
3. Ask at least three working adults if they are passionate about their jobs. Use exactly those words. What did they say? You should seek out individuals who are working full time in some form of professional role. Parents are a good source, as are relatives.
4. Does this article and/or assignment change your opinion or thoughts about folllowing your passion? Why or why not?
This entire assignment should take you no more than about an hour, including reading the article, and should be less than a typed page in length.
Submit your assignment in hard copy, typed. This assignent is worth 5 points. Please hand in the document in class.

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