Human Resource Management Strategy

| September 23, 2015

1. Company – Singhealth (www.Singhealth. 2. For in-text citation have to minimum 4 from academic sources and other sources. 3. For referencing – Harvard Method 4. please refer to the attached basic outline note given by lecturer to apply in each question. For each question – we need to have definition, application and give example. 5. For total words allocation on each question as follow: Q1 – 750 words include definition, 4 applications and 4 example on each challenges (total 4 major challenges and each challenge about 185 words) Q2. Total 750 words include definition, 3 application and 3 example. (Each role about 250 words) Q3. Total 625 words include definition, 4 application , 4 example and recommend 1 method Singhealth adopt for lower management position. Q4. Total 500 words include definition, 4 reasons for the analysis on important with example of Singhealth. Q5. Total 350 words include definition, 2 areas which Singhealth HR need to consider as it continue to expand globally.

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