Human Resource Management for Tourism, Sports and Creative Industry

| February 17, 2014

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You are required to write a report of 2,500 words, explaining how effective Human Resource Management could contribute to the successful management of organisations in your industry. Your report should be based on the literature of Human Resource Management, include discussion of issues specific to the industry you are studying and include critical debate around some of the contested areas of theory and practice, such as performance management.How HRM contributes to organisation effectiveness an additional information…i need to chose an industry like hospitality management(hotel management) or events. stages HRM LITERATURE-GOALS AND OBJECTIVES THE OVERALL PURPOSE OF HR(align the goals of the organisation on how we intend to be successful) procedures-HOW WE STRUCTURE OUR ORGANISATION. STRUCTURE OUR JOB DESIGN JOB DESCRIPTION PERSONAL SPECIFICATION. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT-APPRAISAL TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT(TO BE ABLE TO MANAGE STAFF) REWARD We need to explain the literature(theory)the list above first after that then we relate it to our chosen industry -flexible staffing -need a large number of people who will be available when needed for large events -need volunteers(issues) please I would like my references in Harvard style
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The department of HR is new in the hotel industry and within a very short time that it has been in the industry; it has become very significant department. It has been playing the role of facilitating bargain able cadre and non-bargain able cadre. The main objective if HRM in hotel management is the supervision of effective communication between departments and communication with the top management. The department creates and utilizes an able and motivated workforce for the purpose of accomplishing the basic organizational objectives (Clark, 1998). The department is also charged with the responsibility of maintaining organizational structure as well as desirable working relations among all members of the organization. The department secures the integration of either individuals or groups within the organization through individual and group objective co-ordination, with the organizational objectives to ensure higher profitability………ORDER NOW…..
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Adoption of Work Load Analysis by Human resource department of Jeddah Municipality
Human Resources Management

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