Human Resource Management Assignment

| October 21, 2015

Assignment #3

For Assignment 5 paper
1. In this assignment, you will prepare for your final paper in Assignment #5 the HR Integration Paper. Review the requirements for the final paper, and select the topic you will write about. Write the first two sections of the final paper, which details the topic you have chosen, a preview of your paper that ties to at least
Two (2) functional areas of HRM and why your topics important. Hear is a tip it
is better if you tie in more than just the minimum of two functional HR areas.
Be sure the assignment is in APA format, and include references
2. Assignment #5 – HR Integration Paper Over the course of the semester, you have learned about a number of different human resource topics. In this paper, I want you to show me how they are interrelated. Write a minimum of 6 to maximum of 8 page paper about one of the following topics. If you have a topic you are passionate about, but it is not included on this list, please request approval of the topic. Paper Topics: • Expatriate assignments • Diversity and cultural competence at work • Improving employee retention • Effectively using flexible work schedules • Managing a contingent workforce • Improving talent management • Encouraging work-life balance in an organization Use the following outline for your paper: 1) Cover page 2) Introduction: Briefly describe the topic/issue and explain why you chose this topic to research. (One paragraph) 3) Importance of issue: Why is this issue important for work organizations in general? Summarize major points of information gleaned from your sources on this topic. (Approximately one page) 4) How does this topic/issue affect the functional areas of HRM? What specific actions should be taken in those functional areas to support your goal/objective? This should be based on your research and not just personal opinion. Tie your recommendations to the different areas of HRM that you learned about this semester, such as recruiting, staffing, compensation and benefits, training, development, performance management etc. (Approximately 2 to 4 pages) 5) Close your paper with a brief summary of new learning that you personally have gained as a result of doing this research paper. (One to two strong paragraphs) 6) Reference page Integration Paper Rubric Heading Content Points Possible Points Received Introduction: topic and why you chose it. Write a clear introduction to this paper, giving a brief explanation of the topic and why you chose it. 5 Why is the topic important to organizations? Include at least 3 reasons why this topic is important to organizations. 25 Impact of Functional areas of HRM Describe how your topic integrates to at least 2 of the functional areas of HRM that you learned about this semester. 50 Conclusion Conclusion recaps the paper 5 Overall Quality of Writing Overall quality of writing, including but not limited to use of correct grammar, sentence structure, spelling, etc. 5 APA Writing Style Paper is in APA format. 5 APA References Use 5 peer-reviewed, academic outside resources are integrated throughout the paper to support points made. 5 100

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