Human Resource Management

| October 20, 2015

You should select ONE of the nine journal articles, as listed overleaf, and provided for your attention. Following your review of the content therein, the assignment requirement is that that you address the article’s core theme(s) accordingly by following the guidance below:
(a) That you develop your own thesis or argument related to the theme(s) and that you state this clearly in your submission
(b) That you develop your own conceptual framework around the theme(s) and link it to other topic/theme areas of your course
(c) That you draw, in-depth, on one or more theories related to the theme(s)
(d) That you draw on the best scholarly sources to support your discussion of the theme(s)
(e) That you go beyond existing literature conceptually and empirically in discussing the theme(s)
(f) That you relate the theme(s) to your own organisations and/or experiences
(g) That you outline other counter arguments to your own position in addressing the theme(s)
(h) That your submission is clear and engaging
(i) That you adhere to the general guidelines supplied by the DBS on assignments submissions particularly in relation to the format and suitable length of the submission.

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