Human Reasoning

| March 22, 2015

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In Notes From Underground, Part II (“Apropos of the Wet Snow”), section 1, the Underground Man spends a tremendous amount of time and effort trying to get himself to pass a certain officer on the street without moving aside, but can’t manage to accomplish this goal. 
(a) How would Plato (in The Republic) explain (i) why the UM wants to accomplish this goal—and (ii) why he repeatedly fails? 
(b) What would Nietzsche (in Beyond Good and Evil) have to say about the UM’s motivations?
(c) Which, if either, of these explanations seems most plausible—and why? 

Papers should be about 4 pages long. They are due by class time on Tuesday, March 24. (Unexcused late papers will be docked 1/3 grade per day late.)

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