Human Population Growth

| February 10, 2014

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The research paper is two types. The first type is an abstract of the research paper. What I mean about abstract is that I need a summarized essay about the topic which includes an abstract,introduction, and a conclusion in one page. This summarized page is due on saturday january 26, 2013. Our teacher requested six resources for this particular page. Please be aware that the attached files are not suppose to be the only resources to rely on. Please include the other 14 resources. The second type is the major research paper which is related to the first paper, but more expanded information and details. the structure of the second paper is starting with an abstract containing a large amount of details talking about the whole paper, then an introduction, then the body paragraphs, and then the conclusion. In addition, I need 14 resources for the major research paper its self. I don’t want wiki-pedia as a resource I want it to be from trusted articles that are related to the human population. Here is the prompt that the two paper should be taking about: ( We use the environment as a source of all resources and a sink for our waste. In the process we have caused a lot of stress to the environment that we might end destroying ourselves. Describe the causes of the changes in human population in the last 2000 years and remember to discuss all the negative consequences that have resulted from that increase. Human population growth rate is even worse in the developing world. Why is this so? Do you think this is a problem? Explain. What should be done to stabilize human population in the developing world? ). By the way the first paper and the second should be related to each other, but the second paper is the one that should be expanded in detail. In addition there is an attached folder that will include information that might be helpful for the major research paper. Also there is a PDf file that talks about the human population and how does it affect our environment. Please in the second paper add a couple of figures such as graphs to clarify your explanation. This second paper is due in 10 days.
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write about 3 geological things and talk about them like volcano, tornado and earthquake


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