Human Perspective on Sex Roles

| March 11, 2014

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MLA format, This is for a humanity’s course Essay topic is:
Nafisi uses evidence that reflects the same Humanistic approach to the myth that we have used: Medieval and Realism. Professor X?s reprimand of ?Was it perhaps because his had brainwashed him??(69) as reason for Nima?s siding against him is similar to the use of the Carnivale in the Medieval/Early Renaissance. And Nabokov is part of the same genre of Realist literature as Wilde. The realist subject matter was to present a social commentary of the inequities and difficulties of race and class through the fin-de-si?cle anxiety. Many, if not most, realist literature ends with the death of the character who questions social conventions (Lolita, Anna Karenina, Death in Venice, Madame Bovary). The dominant culture tends to see the death as justice for the offender, exactly the way that Salome is received. Consider the anxiety of sexuality in the different cultural periods. In your essay, trace the anxiety as both a masculine and feminine traits in the readings (the Bible passages, Wilde?s text, Nafisi?s text, and Adler?s text) and discuss how the anxiety is different for masculinity and femininity and show how it is part of masculine and feminine gender construction and what Butler calls gender performance.
Some in text citation needed please, I will upload some of the reading documents, outside sources might be used but not necessary (I will have to submit this through safe assign which checks for plagiarism).
"essay should portray understanding of the text, not completely own opinions instead point of view"
It has to be a single cohesive essay, no subheading and a thesis needs to be included.
essay must reflect on course objective:
In an effort to not eat the menu, this course is intended to reveal the myth and metaphor behind some of the most prevailing themes of women?s lives. These themes, or rather metaphors, have developed throughout civilization and have, as we will examine, generated barriers for women even in our contemporary culture. We will examine specifically woman as warrior, woman as temptress, women as mothers and daughters, and we will investigate the recreation of each of these metaphors as represented through the art, literature, and stage of the various periods (ancient, medieval, Renaissance, and the modern) as particular constructs of the society in which women functioned and look for the re/construction of metaphor in our own contemporary culture. Gender, we will come to understand, is a social construct and the construction is a process that begins at birth. Judith Lorber states, in The Social Construction of Gender, ?As a social institution, gender is a process of creating distinguishable social statuses for the assignment of rights and responsibilities. As part of a stratification system that ranks these statuses unequally, gender is a major building block in the social structures built on these unequal statuses.? It is the society that creates the barriers of the metaphor this course seeks to reveal. As part of our investigation, we will ask ourselves, what part does the society and the cultural period play in the shaping of the metaphor we will examine. Aristotle said ?Society is something in nature that precedes the individual.? Indeed, society is not made up of individuals but rather constitutes the individual, or gives meaning to the individual. This course is designed to reveal how each cultural period constructs meaning for women by creating and then recreating these metaphors through the various disciplines of the period.
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