Human nutrition and metabolism Practical 5

| January 19, 2015

The assessment for this practical will take the form of a multiple choice quiz. The 10 questions together with their 5 options are shown below. Once you have worked out your answers to each question you should enter them using the separate portal. This portal will give you 10 minutes per attempt for a maximum of two attempts (highest mark counts) so be careful.
1) Which type of fatty acid is particularly vulnerable to peroxidation?
a) Long chain saturated fatty acids
b) Polyunsaturated fatty acids
c) Trans fatty acids
d) Short chain saturated acids
e) Monounsaturated fatty acids
2) The first steps in the breakdown of fatty acids for energy occur via which metabolic pathway?
a) Glycolysis
b) Beta-oxidation
c) The Krebs cycle
d) Gluconeogenesis
e) Pentose-phosphate pathway
3) Which subject had the highest level of lipid peroxidation?
a) Subject i
b) Subject ii
c) Subject iii
d) Subject iv
e) Subject v
4) What were the concentrations of MDA in subjects i and ii? (note in order to work this out you will need to use the mean absorbance and re-arrange the Beer Lambert equation. You will also need to think about the units in your answer)
a) 327μM and 532μM
b) 327nM and 532nM
c) 7.956M and 12.948M
d) 7,956M and 12,948M
e) 327mM and 532mM
5) What were the concentrations of MDA in subjects iii and iv?
a) 962mM and 1.1M
b) 962μM and 1.1mM
c) 962nM and 1.1μM
d) 23,400M and 111,072M
e) 23.4M and 111.07M
6) There was a big discrepancy between the two absorbances measured for subject v. What actions should the investigators take?
a) Take the mean of the two absorbances and use this to work out the MDA concentration
b) Take the absorbance of 0.1 and use this to work out the MDA concentration
c) Assuming that there is still some of the plasma sample left use this to do another one or two measurements
d) Exclude subject v
e) Use your experience to invent a sensible value for the MDA concentration
7) What can be learned from these results?
a) Drinking 10 stubbies a beer a night is not very good for your health
b) Consumption of a well-balanced and varied diet is best for health
c) They are interesting but more research is required before any conclusions can be made about the relation between diet and lipid peroxidation
d) Lipid peroxidation is a dangerous outcome and should be avoided if at all possible
e) Drinking 10 stubbies of beer a night will give you atherosclerosis
8) An increase in the concentration of cholesterol in the plasma is associated with the consumption of which type of fat?
a) Monounsaturated fatty acids
b) Polyunsaturated fatty acids
c) Saturated fatty acids
d) Cholesterol
e) Essential fatty acids
9) Which of the following fatty acids is an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid?
a) Stearic acid
b) Cholesterol
c) Linoleic acid
d) Oleic acid
e) Elaidic acid
10) Which of the following statements is false? Fats:
a) Provide energy
b) Carry the vitamins A, D, E and K
c) Cushion vital body organs
d) Help mineral absorption
e) Are mostly incorporated into

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