Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Interfaces – Designing Mobile Money Applications for semi-literate Rural Folks

| April 1, 2014

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This will be a halfway thesis (50%)
The attached is a thesis proposal that was submitted to a professor. The professor made some suggestions (Those suggestions are in red ink on the first page and the other suggestions are in red on the other pages.) So if the writer follows those suggestions in red, he/she will be able to know what the professor requires. The other thing is that I would like to writer to write 50% (half-way) of the thesis. Then he/she should suggest the number of pages that will translate into so that I make payment for that. I hope this clarifies things. If you still need explanations please let me know
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Visual Programming
How should we do conceptual analysis of visual images? (Note the tendency of French intellectuals and semioticians)


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