HRM 4010 Week 5 Assignment 2, Workplace and Domestic Violence

| September 22, 2016

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HRM 4010 Week 5 Assignment 2, Workplace and Domestic Violence
Domestic violence spills into the workplace when the victims go to work. This is a serious employer concern. Domestic violence contributing to social and ethical issues, low productivity, and absenteeism in the workplace is of particular importance.
Research the issue of domestic violence in the workplace on the Internet or your library. Pay attention to any local or national items in the media. Why should employers be concerned about this issue? What action should they take, if any? Do you recommend the adoption of a workplace violence team concept? What purpose can such a team serve? Cite any references your research uncovers of actual organizational involvement in violence in the workplace. Write a two-page summary of your research, and include recommendations for organizations.

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