HRM 4010 Week 4 Assignment 2, Equality in Pay

| September 22, 2016

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HRM 4010 Week 4 Assignment 2, Equality in Pay
A gap continues to exist between the earnings of full-time male workers and full-time female workers in the United States. This gap has narrowed over time and varies depending on the hourly, weekly, or annual pay status of the workers. In your company, employees have been questioning the company’s pay practices and assessing whether jobs are appropriately evaluated and, consequently, paid appropriately.
Research the issue of discrimination in pay, paying particular attention to the EPA. Write an article for the employee newsletter addressing the four compensable factors used in determining whether jobs are substantially equal. Address the role of the job market in determining the earnings. What role does affordability of wages—a company’s ability to pay—play in determining the earnings? Pay particular attention to your audience. Explain all issues accurately to make them understandable across all levels of employees.

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