HRM 4010 Week 2 Assignment 3, Final Project Part 2 of 6

| September 22, 2016

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HRM 4010 Week 2 Assignment 3, Final Project Part 2 of 6
Review Scenario Part 2.
Create a two- to three-page report in Microsoft Word:
Identifying and addressing recruitment and hiring issues faced by Best Built Casinos during a time when potential layoffs seem to be on the horizon.
Making recommendations regarding hiring, rightsizing, and worker safety in the various projects. This should include the following:
Analysis of some areas of concern realized during pre employment inquiries
Analysis of the importance of adopting a formal recruitment and retention policy
Analysis of the benefits of obtaining references
Analysis of the legal issues involved in obtaining references
Advising the CEO of any additional human capital issues possibly arising as a result of today’s political climate and the potential resurgence of unions.

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