HRM 4010 Week 2 Assignment 2: Recruitment Mechanisms

| September 22, 2016

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HRM 4010 Week 2 Assignment 2: Recruitment Mechanisms
As an HR professional, you will be expected to develop employment advertisements for your organization. Review the employment advertisements in your local newspaper. Look at job postings on and at your university job site.
Describe and comment on one posting from each category, mentioning their similarities and differences. Would you add or eliminate any information from any of the postings to make the advertisement more effective? Is there anything in any of the advertisements disenfranchising any group of individuals? Pay careful attention to what each employer is attempting to do with the posting.
Write a two-page critique noting legal issues covered or to be covered and the appeal of the advertisements to a job applicant. What do you like about the advertisements? What would you do differently if you were the HR? Develop an advertisement for a position you hope to apply for in the future to begin your career.

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