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Read the assigned chapters and the Broadnax article”see the Note below “. In this real life example of an organizational development challenge, the leaders at both Providence Hospitals and St. Vincent Charity Medical Center articulated the objective as “to create an environment where employees could maximize their contributions and performance”. In addition, each of the hospitals emphasized different leadership challenges.

Broadnax describes her approach and explains what did and did not work.


In a small group discussion, address the following:


The stated objective was a very broad and hard to measure. If you could amend the objective for your own organization or another one with which you are familiar, how would you specifically articulate the objective and how would you know if you were successful?

To what extent were the organizational development interventions used in this case effective?

Which OD strategies and/or essential training and development topics were effectively used, and which might you have employed to achieve the objective or address the challenges of these two organizations?

How did application of change management techniques affect the outcome?

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Culture; Society, Social Interaction
Critique the following


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