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| February 14, 2014

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Essay Question: You are the senior manager of an organisation that has had poor financial performance for the last 3 years. Many other organisations are also suffering from poor financial performance as a result of the global financial crisis.
Discuss how the organisation can improve its hardship through employee performance and gain a long-term competitive advantage without resorting to cost cutting measures like other organisations.
Essay guidance:
? Think business environment
? Need for long-term competitive advantage
? Need to show understanding of Human Resource Management Practices (3 parts: Attract, Develop & Retain) by answering the following questions in the essay:
1) How to increase employee performance by attracting the right people to the organisation?
HINTS: Culture, HR planning, recruitment & selection, Organisational structure
2) How to increase employee performance through development & training so that employees perform at a high level?
HINTS: Motivation (how to motivate workers), Orientation & induction, training, skill development, Learning organisation, Performance management
3) How to increase employee performance by retaining & reducing turnover of knowledge workers?
HINT: motivation (compensation, benefits, profit sharing, work life balance), performance management (goals etc.)
Important additional points to retention: Leadership: retaining those leaders that have the ability to implement change (connect with Change management process)
Obviously the essay is about Human Resources Management. You have a business that has been struggling for 3 years. With your knowledge of HRM practices how would you improve organisational performance through employee performance? However, that?s not all. Also think and incorporate the following in your essay:
> Motivation
> Change management
> External Environment
> Global environmental challenges & opportunities
> True purpose of a business: Social Responsibility vs Profits
> HRM definitions
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