HowLowWill You Go? by Mary Edie Mobley and John Humphreys

| March 20, 2015

How Low Will  You Go?  by Mary Edie Mobley and John Humphreys

Case Study – Questions


  1. Briefly explain the main ethical dilemma(s) in the case study.
  2. Compare and contrast the utilitarian, libertarian, deontological and virtue ethics perspectives on the dilemma(s) you have identified.
  3. Identify, explain and justify an ethical perspective that you think will work best in the situation – you may want to use a combination of ethical perspectives.

You must answer these question either as an essay or as a report.


  • Use diagrams to illustrate your answer
  • Use journal articles to support your arguments
  • You might want to combine two perspectives – but take care to make sure they are compatible. You must make some good arguments that are supported by the literature.






The article must be basis of these four points, please read carefully about the four point in another document(Very Important for Case_example worksheet), I was uploading to you. Thanks


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