How we should distinguish between the insane and non-insane automatism?

| February 28, 2014

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I would like the reference to be oscola referencing.
Introduction = to include brief background on the insanity and automatism defence. The issues between the internal and external factor distinction between the two defence.
Chapter 1 = 3 accounts of how responsibility work -discussing the three theorist of insanity and how it works (their general view on responsibility) and say what they say. They are R.A.Duff (character theorist), Victor Tadros (character theorist) and Michael Moore(choice theorist)
Chapter 2 – analyse and compare -A couple of paragraphs where I discuss the three = criticizing – how they contrast with each other discussing which one is better than the others= show why that view is right and the other views are wrong
Chapter 3 – application to the insanity defence = what it means to the insanity in law
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