How was the Regan administration was responsible for the end of cold war between the United States and Soviet Union

| February 9, 2014

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I was told that you can also create an outline with the paper, so…. can you fit it into this format please and retern the outline asap? I was told that you can. Also i was wanting the rough draft along with the paper if that is possible The outline format is as fallows: Claim: Reagan’s combative stance against the Soviet Union created the situation that brought an end to the Cold War. (how reagans buildup of arms, and then negotiations after lead to the end of the cold war) Also relating to today, like do we view or use nuclear arms today? Then the rest of the paper and outline should look like this, Reason 1: Demonstrate combative stance. Evidence 1: blah blah blah and source Evidence 2: blah blah blah and source Reason 2: Defend combative stance that set up the end of the Cold War. Evidence 1: Evidence 2: Alternative Claim 1 (claim that states he didn’t bring about the end of the cold war) Evidence 1: (Reason for the claim)with source Evidence 2: (reason for that claim) with source Reason against Alternative Claim 1: Evidence 1: Reason with course That is what thee outline should look like, as well as the paper, but in the paper you would also go into how that relates to today(like i stated above) If there are any questions i am willing to answer and thank you
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The Regan administration was responsible for the end of cold war between the United States and Soviet Union by fighting communism and advocating for capitalism through the use of the 5 pillars namely political, military, economic, ideological and moral. Reason 1: The Reagan administration offered military assistance to the anti-communist movements especially in Nicaragua, Afghanistan and Angola and also its transformation in technology led to the development of weapons that were very destructive thus being able to challenge the Soviet Union. Evidence 1: The Reagan administration builds up its defense system and deployment of medium range missiles….NOW ORDER
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