How to write a project on Unemployment

| May 19, 2015

Your grade will be determined using the following scale and descriptions:
Level 01 (120 points) = answers question competently and communicates economic principles in a logical and compelling way with a good command of language.
Level 02 (100 points) = answers question adequately and communicates economic principles satisfactorily, with only slight errors in language usage, but not enough to detract from meaning.
Level 03 (80 points) = attempts to answer the question but either language, content, or logic errors interfere significantly with meaning
Level 04 (60 points) = response is off topic, does not use economic concepts, or is severely lacking in a way that demonstrates skills far below grade level (college freshman or sophomore)

Topic: Unemployment
1. Your introductory paragraph should include your policy recommendation and a brief summary of your reasoning for this recommendation.

2. Set the stage by discussing the current state of the U.S. unemployment numbers and existing unemployment policy. You should reference the Bureau of Labor Statistics website to get some basic unemployment data.

3. The first big policy question that the administration needs to address is whether unemployment benefits should exist at all. What are some economic benefits and/or costs to providing unemployment benefits to workers that are out of work?

4. The second big policy question is how long these benefits should last. Does it seem economically beneficial to extend these benefits to workers for more than 12 months? Are there any alternative programs or approaches to these long term unemployed that might be a better use of federal funds?

5. Your final paragraph should restate your policy recommendation and it’s defense. What should we do moving forward?


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