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| September 26, 2015

Please complete the assignments in TWO separate Microsoft Word document)


Your part(1) assignment will be doing analysis on your industry. (this is the first paper that you wrote for me. )


(1) identify the NAICS code of your industry;

(2) identify relevant online sources from where you will get the information for doing the research; and

(3) cite the sources correctly using the APA style




Your part(2) assignment is to write an industry research report.


  1. Industry Statistics. Prepare a report on the industry that you select,highlighting industry statistics regarding size and growth, industry segments, customer segments, and competitive structure. This report should be based on research that you conduct using BMCC online databases. Please provide in-text citations wherever you cite research.
  2. Trends in the Industry. Research and report trends in the external environment of the industry. Trends are changes taking place in  the external environment that affect the industry. These trends could prove to be either opportunities or threats for businesses in this industry. List these trends under two sections – (i) opportunities, and (ii) threats.Provide in-text citations wherever you cite research. Remember opinions need to be substantiated by research. 
  3. Recommendations. Provide at least threerecommendations to a person who is planning to enter this industry based on your research analysis. The recommendations need to be tied directly to your research.
  4. Reference. Ensure that all your research sources are referenced using APA

Please refer to Model paper for every assignment (they are almost A papers but not quite)


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