How Purchasing Decisions are Fromulated

| February 8, 2014

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For this assignment I need the following.
1- a new title, the current title is not working with the instructor
2- No header or footer needed
3- This paper was done by another company, but there are several grammatical errors
4- The abstract is completely wrong, it doesn’t tie into the paper at all
5- I need this to be a passing paper, right now it is a failing paper with the way it is now
5- Chapter 1, Introduction is not related to topic, Research background needs focus such as
a-The purpose, lay out foundation
b- what is the plan?
page 2
1-Rationale for chosen can be removed- the instructor would like to know if it was directed by consumers or home buyers. Home consumer appliance purchase behavior, what is the decision making process?
page 3 what is the variable in the hypothesis?
Chapter 2, page 5 The chart needs to be removed, In Literature review,need to introduce the topic that will be discussed.
page 7 Nomenclature needs to be simplified
Chapter 3
Research Methodology is completely wrong, it does not tie in what was written with chapter 1
I don’t know if it should focus on Modeling mix or Strategy
In essence, the paper is….
1- too many words.
2- It doesn’t flow well. it is all over the place
3- This paper needs to be simplified, too many big words
Assessing functional status
This is for an ONLINE discussion class . NO introduction.
1.Describe how you assess the functional status of patients in “your” clinical area. Describe your scoring system.
Directions: Pretend that you are using the “ CARE of older adult form” – I will upload for the the writer.
2.What is the importance of assessing functional status? Have you used the Katz ADL form as seen in your attachment or something similar? _ we are ‘using”
‘Care of adult
3.“Conduct “ the Katz ADL on an older adult and compare and contrast it with the functional assessments conducted in your area.(CARE form). Describe the results and the experience.
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