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| August 8, 2016

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Proposal Paper: Methods Part Two Instructions

This section of the paper must include an instrumentation sub-heading. The assessment instruments used in the proposed study must be described in detail. In addition, the reliability and validity of each assessment instrument must be included as well as support from the peer-reviewed literature for using the proposed assessment instruments. The assessment instruments must be on the public domain. This section of the Proposal Paper must be no more than 2 pages and must address the following:


What kind of reliability has been established for the instrument (test-retest, split-half, etc.)?

What kind of validity has been established for each instrument?

What are the numerical values for reliability and validity (as appropriate) for each instrument?

How does peer-reviewed literature support this instrument?

What is the rationale for your selection of this instrument, based on the peer-reviewed literature?

What are some of the sample questions on each instrument?

What type of data does the instrument yield (nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio)?

How is the assessment instrument consistent with the operational definition of the variable under investigation? For example, if we are studying ability-based emotional intelligence, then it is important to identify an assessment that evaluates ability-based emotional intelligence rather than trait-based emotional intelligence.

Is a copy of the instrument attached to the appendix of this portion of the paper? Has permission been obtained (or information indicating the instrument is on the public domain)?

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