How much land does a man need

| February 17, 2014

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The story name : How much land does a man need? Author: Leo Tolstoy 1. First Page Book report – Title (reference) – setting * Point view * mood/tone *Location *time – Characters * a.Character 1 b. character 2 c. character 3 (if relevant) *roles/relationships *strength/weaknesses. -Plot/Action *problem *begin *middle *end -conclusion *changes – begin/end to characters, relationship or location. 2. Second page Reflection – Storing or weak – characters – is the location played major or minor part. – how was the ending. – do you recommend the story for a friend.
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The book covered in this paper is “How much land does a man need?” by the author: Leo Tolstoy. The setting is in Russia during the late 1800’s; it is a short fiction parable that describes greed, devils and demons, ethics, and landlords. It is an informative and educative story of a man who forfeits all what he has, guided by his lust for land. The story teaches the readers to focus more on important things in life and not be led by selfishness, materialism, gluttony, peasantry or greed. The tone is poetic and the mood is quiet, scary and emotional especially due to the devils character and also very fearful and full of anxiety. The location of the play is in the country Russia during the year 1886. The gluttonous feeling in the story is very evident as the character try to accumulate land so as to be satisfied in life……ORDER NOW……
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