How MNEs Localize in China: Case study of Pepsi and Case study of Coca-Cola

| April 21, 2014

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1. Please write two case studies (one Pepsi case study and one Coca-Cola case study) to exam and compare how Multinational Enterprises localize in China.
2. Each case study should around 1000 words. Each case study should include: How did they enter Chinese market and what problems they have faced and how did they overcome.
3. The sales of Pepsi in China is unstable and unbalance in different cities, please use Pepsi as a negative case compare to Coca-Cola, and explain why it is hard to beat Coca-Cola in Chinese market and why the sales of Coca-Cola in China are always higher than Pepsi.
4. Please show that how Localization is important to a Multinational enterprise and especially when it is entering a new country.
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