How long dose it take to built a wooden Bridge and how much it weighs and how much weights did carry in the two time

| February 15, 2014

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we are a group we built a bridge from wood sticks and we broke it to see which bridge can hold many wights we did it two times and each of our class also because we have to brake the first bridge and then make some changes in our bridge to do the best in the second trail we were in a top half of the class. I need a final essay about the bridge how long dose it take to built and how much it wight and how many wights did carry in the two time this is the instruction and do not worry about the numbers and the pictures thanks.
Written Paper (Final paper) Requirements – follow Sato’s lecture on Technical Writing
? The paper must be prepared and submitted by individual students. ? The final paper is expected to be between 3 and 5 type written pages (single spaced). ? The paper must be typed using a font size of 11 or 12, font type of Times New Roman. ? Have the papers typed, single-spaced, on one side only paper with 25-mm (1 inch) margins ? Margins, in all directions, must be 25 mm (1 inch). ? A cover page must include course number, course title, paper title, student name, affiliation,
corresponding address, E-mail address, and abstract (follow Sato’s lecture on Technical
Writing). ? Abstract should be between 100 and 200 words, including objective of the project,
methodology, and major results and conclusions. ? The primary use of SI units is mandatory. Units other than SI may be given in parenthesis.
? The paper must be succinct, well organized, grammatically, and technically correct. * ? Artwork (e.g., figures, tables, photos, and associated documents) may be included in text or
Appendix (Appendices). Appendices are not included in the page requirement. ? The final paper must be bound (stapled).
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