How ‘Lean’ principles could be applied in two selected organisations

| March 16, 2018

Your task is to write a report on how you envisage that ‘Lean’ principles could be applied in  two selected organisations (ONE from the manufacturing sector which is  Cars/Other Vehicles , and ONE from the service-sector which is School/College.)

 Specifically, you are required to complete these  3 TASK :

1. Identify and explain four different types of waste you might expect to find in the core operations activities of each of your selected organisations (real or imaginary ones). You should provide some evidence, or a sound rationale for the types of waste identified.

2. Explain how the application of ‘Lean’ principles could practically help your selected organisations reduce or eliminate four types of waste which identified in part (a). You should address each organisation separately, at this stage.

3. Taking the parts (1) and (2) into account, identify and explore the similarities and differences between these two  selected organisations in their ‘Lean’ implementation programmes.

#for SIMILARITIES you must look at ; a) management support, b) change management, c) process, between two selected organizations.

#for DIFFERENCES you must look at; a)size , b)organizational structure (flat &hierarchy) between two selected organisations.

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