How is the Four Seasons Resort developing its competitive product in a way that it will affect long-term sustainable competitive advantages?

| April 21, 2014

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Well this is easy i just have a problem with timing.
Can you please analyze the data according to the objectives provided in the attachment in a way that will allow the business question to be answered.
The aim of the Independent Research Study is to find secondary data and gather it in my own charts in order to analyze it.
The 2 first objectives are about Orlando, please use the data provided to create charts that may seem adequate in order for you to make the analyzes of it.
After each objective, a key findings section should be added. These findings have to be directly linked to the business question and to the objective itself so that the choice of it is justified.
By the way if some element in the objectives you find irrelevant, please feel free to delete them. as i only have to write 5000 words in total, and for this section only 3000, but i already wrote around 700.
If suitable, I chose a case study of Four Seasons Hong Kong as a basis of comparison, but feel free to change if you have a better idea to reach the objective.
The conclusion and recommendation will be done by myself.
I will attach a sample of IRS successfully done, i think it will be very helpful for you to understand what i am expected.
I will also send you an email with all the Data i found, which i think covers almost all my objectives but please feel free to use yours if you find any that you think are relevant.
and finally i will attach my research paper and the work that i have already done, please just start from the “Data presentation, analysis and key findings” all the above as well as conclusion and recommendation i will take care of it.
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