How far should adaptations go in military organisations in attempts to counter asymmetric threats

| February 3, 2016
Essay question:
(How far should adaptations go in military organisations in attempts to counter asymmetric threats?)

My outline plan:
Intro of the paper:
– start with a hook statement about asymmetry.
– Then say why this topic is important? what has been said about it?
– the problem identified is: “military advancements in equipment and IT will not guarantee victory in the modern threat environment”.
– the thesis statement and my claim:
– “As we are a professional military organization, we cannot counter asymmetry with asymmetric actions as we are incapable of doing so. (why ? discus later in the paper). Rather, asymmetry can be countered by military organizations rethinking how to protect its forces.”
– Thus this paper will assert that enhancing and developing military organizations force protection capability will mitigate the impact of the asymmetric belligerent.
– this can be done by implementing counter asymmetric thinking training in officers courses by exploring (the use of social media, reduce reliance on non-mission critical IT infrastructure and preventing city based targeting) in order to focus on winning the population rather than the war. In addition, introducing new cunning tactical thinking in order to leverage the use of available assets and affect the psychology of the opponents will to fight.
– organize the paper like so:
– First provide a brief background about asymmetry, then define it and mention why it is important to study.
– then state why military organizations can not deal with asymmetric threats conventionally.
– Then elaborate that the only element that can easily be manipulated and influenced by control is force protection. (training will enhance the initiative of own forces with time)
– Finally, provide some methods that military organizations can implement that will help in adapting to asymmetric threats.

the writer can, and is encouraged to, create another outline that will defend the thesis.

the most important aspect needed in this paper is:
a core argument must be very clear and well shown. and throughout the paper writer must argue in defense of the claim.

this paper must adhere to detailed academic writing teachings, style and structure must be of high standard.

a paragraph must contain one idea then 2 or 3 sentences to support it then final sentence to analyse what was said. this is very important.

this is for a masters program and being critical is the main aim.

please, communicate with me “writer” if not sure on any part, so it will start correctly.

Disclaimer : only academic sources are to be used. no Wiki plz

articles from reliable sites are fine.

Comments from Support Team: clarification msg for writer,

in my instructions i said (NOTE:
the writer can, and is encouraged to, create another outline that will defend the thesis.)

by outline i mean the part that is written in the introduction which tells the reader how the body will be structured.

i do not mean create a separate outline

i just mean you have the chose either to go with what i saw as a good outline or (what i would like) you find a better way of structuring the paper to argue my claim.
Discipline: Military studies

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