How far does the information contained in Poniewozik's article lead you to re-evaluate reactions like Murray's to reality TV scenarios? Is there still validity in Murray's perspective on reality TV?

| May 20, 2015

Students will write an academic essay paying attention to argumentative strategies, principles of structure, and expression.

Students must refer to both primary and secondary sources in their essays and include a list of works cited in an appropriate style guide. The structure of the essay must follow the essay plan template which is provided. Two major readings written by Murray and Poniewozik are very important to this essay. The task: Using the essay plan template, student will draft, edit and submit a full essay answering one of the set questions.

I will upload additional resources later, but additional research may be required to answer the essay question properly. This essay must include: a) An introduction and conclusion. b) A clear thesis statement incorporated into the introduction. c) A clear argumentative line that is pursued throughout the essay. d) Integrated quotes and block quotes that are formatted correctly and integrated into your writing effectively. e) Accurate and correctly referenced paraphrases of 2-3 secondary sources. f) A list of Works Cited that includes both primary and secondary texts. g) A strong authorial voice. The structure of the essay is very important to this essay. And I am an international student, so please keep the essay simple and easy to understand. If you have any questions, please fell free to contact me. Thank you.



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