How effective is PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984) Code of Practice D in preventing mistaken identifications, and how effectively is it enforced by the courts?

| February 17, 2014

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1. Answer the question relevantly and appropriately.
2. Make reference to and discuss in relation to the question at least 2 sources of academic research.
3. Discuss at least two cases in relation to the question. These may be used to establish a legal point, or to illustrate a point about criminal investigation (for example, how certain police practices may result in misleading evidence), or both. It is not enough to simply cite a case, you must also explain its relevance.
4. Write clearly and succinctly. You have the normal 10% word allowance (ie. a maximum of 550 words excluding the title and reference list).
5. Include clear citation and a reference list for all sources used
Before writing your answer please watch the following: and

And read the following:
Sanders et al (2010) Criminal Justice (4th edition), Oxford University Press (pages 343 – 350) and/or A. Choo, Evidence (4th ed. OUP 2012) Ch. 6
Lauren O’Neill Shermer, Karen C. Rose and Ashley Hoffman (2011) Perceptions and Credibility: Understanding the Nuances of Eyewitness Testimony, Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice 27: 183 (attached)
PACE Revised Code of Practice D, sections 1-3 and Annexes A-E. Law students will find this in their Statute books; it is also available online at:
note:this is a mini assessment essay and the word limit is 500 words,should not exceed 550 words minus the reference and should be referenced using OSCOLA REFERENCING
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Consider the facts of the following case when answering the questions below:
World Injustice during the time of the Murder of Emmett Till, The Letter from Birmingham Jail, and the KKK

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