How does the Ernst Lubitsch Film "Heaven Can Wait" represent and/or foreground authorship?

| October 29, 2014

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-Your answer should make reference to general critical analyses of authorship in cinema and should consider how the film might address or foreground its own authorship (say, for example, through the self-conscious manipulation of particular elements of film style, the systematic deployment of particular techniques used in other/previous films, ‘metaphorical’ references to the world of film production, or revisionist approaches to existing genre or films, etc.).
– The film being discussed is “Heaven Can Wait” (Ernst Lubitsch, 1943)
-Within your Bibliography, for up to five (and no less than two) of your written references you must also provide a brief annotation (approx. 60 words) that describes and contextualizes the content of the source. These annotations are NOT to be included as part of your word-count.
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