How does the characters in the story of UNCLE VANYA are so miserable or the wasted lives, impossible love, and estrangement they feel from those around them?

| February 15, 2014

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write about how does the characters in the story of UNCLE VANYA by ANTON CHEKROV are miserable or the wasted lives, impossible love, and estrangement they feel from those around them?
DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE PLOT OR SAY IRRELEVANT STUFFS EVER!!! Also use at least 1 quote from the book to explain no outside source for every paragraphs but the quote should not be longer than 1 line. you can combine it but keep it short. ALSO PROVIDE INSIGHTS OR ANYTHING INTERESTING ABOUT THE THESIS THAT CAN BE ARGUED WITHIN THE PARAGRAPHS!!!! USE WORDS LIKE: resemble, Suggests, Implies, Illustrates, Represents, Symbolizes ,Shows, Allude to.
here is what I have done so give me more 4 pages on this thesis. DO not use this as 1 paper but use this as the guideline of how you should write it.
In the novel Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov, the story sets on an estate in the nineteenth century Russia, a profoundly emotional tale of misplaced idealism and unrequited love concerns the complex interrelationships between a retired professor, his second wife, his brother-in-law and daughter from a previous marriage. The novel represents itself in a deceptively mundane dialogue that constantly reveal the characters’ private tragedies, weaknesses and inability to communicate and express on the failures that lead them to live on a wasted life, seeking of impossible loves, and the estrangement they feel from those around them to further reach to their respective frustration and despair. Despite all the tragedies and sadness, Chekhov’s description of human frailties elicits a hidden reconciliation between the characters they have yet to figure out and the play’s underlying message is one of courage and hope.
One obvious characteristic behavior is that all the characters are consumed with boredom, lethargy, and regret over their unsatisfactory lives they have led. They bemoan of their old age, complaining about the years that they have wasted in drudgery, grieve over lost loves, and ruminate sourly over what might have been different if they were to live life to the fullest. They suffer from a sense of loss without knowing exactly what has been forfeited. Throughout the play, their private reflections burst through the surface of the everyday, giving way to torrents of unhappy introspection.
use the source i gave you for the citation. do not get me on plagiarism. read the text from
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