How does social enterprise differ from the traditional business model?

| March 16, 2014

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How does social enterprise differ from the traditional business model? Your answer should draw on practical examples of social enterprises which could be co-operatives, microfinance on the Grameen model, business at the base of the pyramid on the Grameen/Danone model, other NGO/corporate partnerships, or other social businesses.
What implications do these differences have for the ways in which the businesses operate and the ways in which they report on their activities?
Drawing on at least two theories about corporate attitudes to Corporate Social Responsibility reporting, discuss whether Charles Handy (2002) is justified in claiming that corporations could learn from social enterprise (the third sector).
Handy, C. "What’s a business for?." Harvard Business Review, December (2002).
Your essay should be no more than 2,000 words. The coursework should be typed in Arial 11pt and double spaced.
Credit will be given for the appropriate use of diagrams and charts within the text and for the appropriate use of appendices, no more than three (one page each).
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