"How does new technology make it easier for humans to create a lifestyle that sustains the environment?".

| April 9, 2015

Order Details;

Connect “two extra pages” and include two sources from our university’s library

The questions is;

“How does new technology make it easier for humans to create a lifestyle that sustains the environment?”.

First source of our Uni library:
“A Systemic Smartphone Usage Pattern Analysis: Focusing on Smartphone Addiction Issue.
Heejune Ahn; Wijaya, Muhammad Eka; Esmero, Bianca Camille
International Journal of Multimedia & Ubiquitous Engineering.

Second resource,
Introduction: Social computing and social networks.
Chen, Jinjun, Faculty of Engineering and IT, University of Technology Sydney, Broadway, NSW, Australia, jinjun.chen@gmail.com
Liu, Jianxun, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Hunan University of Science and Technology, Hunan, China
Chen, Jinjun, University of Technology Sydney, PO Box 123, Broadway, NSW, Australia, 2007, jinjun.chen@gmail.com
Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, Vol 24(2-3), Apr, 2014. pp. 119-121.

English 1030
Research Paper Grading Criteria
Points: 3 2 1 0
Introduction Excellent Good Fair Unsatisfactory
Does the introduction have an engaging “hook”?
Does it introduce your topic clearly?
Does it establish your purpose?
Does it state the thesis (including your topic, focus, and supporting points)? (x2)
Total points for the introduction: /15
Body Paragraphs Excellent Good Fair Unsatisfactory
Does each paragraph have a clear topic sentence?
Did you use appropriate transitions to help your reader follow your argument?
Does your information have a logical and clear flow? (Is it easy follow the argument of the paper?)
Did you include at least three pieces of evidence for each supporting point? (can include only one personal experience) (x3)
Do you use quotations effectively and accurately to support your main points? (does not copy ideas without citing their source) (x2)
Total points for the body paragraphs: /24
Conclusion Excellent Good Fair Unsatisfactory
Do you have a final analysis of the main points of your paper? (x2)
Do you have an ending that inspires your reader to continue thinking about your topic?
Total points for the conclusion: /9
Organization/Grammar/MLA Excellent Good Fair Unsatisfactory
Does the organization of the information match the focus of your thesis statement (for example, compare/contrast, advantages/disadvantages, reasons/explanation)?
Are there minimal grammar mistakes, none of which keep the reader from understanding the meaning of your writing?
Did you use proper MLA formatting?
Did you include a Works Cited page using proper MLA format? (including at least 5 sources: 3 may be from Sourcework, and 2 must be from the University library)
Is your paper at least 1,000 words long?
Total points for organization/grammar/MLA: /15
Grand total points for whole paper: /63



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