How does inflation and exchange rate affect the balance of payment between UK and USA?

| April 8, 2014

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1.Basically, it is an investigation project to answer the above central question.
2.The project format should looks like this:
Section 1.Introduction – What is being tested/reviewed? Why is the test/review important?
Section 2.Test design: How are you going to carry out your tests – be absolutely crystal clear in this section.
Review design: How are you going to conduct your review?
Section 3.Test: Results and further tests.
Review: Carry out review.
Section 4.Reflections on results and suggestions for further tests.
3.Regression analysis required.
4.I will provide you the databases but not all of them need to be used.just need 30 observations. and researcher can choose either yearly or quarterly.All the data collect from EIU.
5.I will attach an example report.
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The role of the various organisations involved in the oil & gas industry - The key features of contractual arrangements - between the oil company (as the customer), the primary contractors, sub-contractors and vendors.
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