“how do economic agents behave?”

| November 30, 2015

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Topic: “how do economic agents behave?”
This is not an op-­‐ed. This is an academic assignment. You should primarily rely on notions covered in this course. Start working on the topic as soon as possible. You will be able to upload your paper about 8 days prior to the deadline (single attempt). All submissions are final. Carefully review the instructions and guidelines contained in the syllabus especially those concerning the formatting of your essay. No quotes, only citations if necessary. Your essay should be problematized, i.e. your writing should clearly have a purpose: one or several identified and clearly stated questions / problems that you intend to solve, and that you eventually solve. In order to do so, your essay requires a state of the art introduction, a core, and a conclusion. Your intro should clearly outline the main points that you are going to discuss in the core. Ex: if your purpose is to discuss the definition of economic philosophy, this implies that you should analyze
the theoretical, methodological, and ethical considerations pertaining to economics. You should explicitly make
such statement in your intro, and announce that you will study, say, theory first, method second, and finally ethics 1 In other words, your intro should explicitly outline the structure of your core. Of course, you should stick to it while writing the core of the essay. Say what you intend to do in intro then do what you said you intended to do in the core. Finally, provide final comments conclude. 1“First…Second…Third “is not mandatory, but from the first paragraph
the reader should know the main themes that you intend to discuss and in what order.

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