How did the price system work in the Oil Crisis of 1978-80?

| February 15, 2014

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Project: The following are the guidelines for special project work.
1. You will prepare a three page report on one of the subject matters indicated below.
2. The paper must cover three full pages using Ariel Font, single space, 1 inch margins all around and Font Size 12. Do not place paper in fancy covers or folders.
B. How did the price system work in the Oil Crisis of 1978-80?
Try to include as many concepts learned in class such as:
Opportunity Cost
Changes in Demand and Supply
Price Elasticity of Demand
Economic growth
Production Costs
Marginal productivity
Marginal costs
Monopolistic Competition
All footnotes and references will be submitted on a separate sheet of paper and not at the bottom of each page.
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