How cultural issues affecting cross cultural business practices and processes between China and USA,Relation between Management Business Culture?

| April 6, 2014

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The person who want to take this order should be familiar with business management and cultural theory and has good grammar.
Follow the structure that I provide in word document,must open it.
Read the newspaper first
“Is manufacturing returning from China to the US?”
Report Description: Individual written analysis of a media article
The required length of the report is 1500 words +/- 10% excluding the cover page and reference
list. Students will source a media article from the past TWO years on a cross cultural topic, online or from any other media source like newspapers, magazines, radio or TV, (I already find one newspaper for you to discuss)
and explain, discuss and critique how the article illustrates one or more theoretical principles of cross cultural studies.
Topic for this report
How cultural issues affecting cross cultural business practices and processes between China and USA
Unit for this report
The unit is cross culture management !!!!!!!
At least 10 academic references, Journal articles and books are better
Harvard referencing system should be used.
Presentation of Assignments
Assignments should meet normal academic and professional standards of presentation, including:
a) All pages, excluding the cover page, should be numbered;
b) Page margins should be 2.54 cm (default margin settings) on all four edges and double spaced;
c) Times New Roman font type and font size of 12 points should be used;
d) Assignments should be free of typographical and grammatical errors
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Analyse the film from an intercultural communication perspective, applying one or more of the theoretical frameworks covered in the course, and then present your analysis to the class (Water Movie)
Using the understanding of the causes of language endangerment (from the research) to persuade the speakers of low variety language in China to change their attitude and take action in preventing the disappearance of their regional language.

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