How can health care spending and health insurance assist the alleviation of poverty in developing countries?

| March 4, 2014

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Dissertation Question: How can health care spending and health insurance assist the alleviation of poverty in developing countries?
The dissertation should consider the importance of health insurance and why it is very necessary as the poor cannot smooth their consumption during health shocks and get sucked back into the poverty trap.
I need you to please do a regression analysis for all the developing countries. The dependent variable will be Poverty head count in the national level and the independent variables will be health related factors, i.e. dummy variable for health insurance in these developing countries, number of hospital beds, number of doctors, health expenditure per capita etc. Attached will be the dissertation proposal to help you get more idea for the regression and then consequently the regression analysis. The E-Views software MUST be used and all the excel files should be sent to me in my email address please. And the OLS Estimator should be used to make the analysis.
This report will explore the economic impact of improvements in health service and in health status and the potential impact it can have on reducing poverty. The report will also constitute a focused analysis of how health insurance can mitigate risk, avoid catastrophic spending, improve access to health care and reduce poverty. The theoretical framework will provide a basis with which the empirical findings will be used to draw economic conclusions. The first section will focus on the importance of investment in health care by considering health as an essential component of human capital and how it can reduce poverty. The second part of the dissertation, will concentrate on the theoretical aspects of health insurance – micro health insurance in the case of rural regions in developing countries. The theoretical models will be assessed, with regards to the moral hazard and the adverse selection problems of insuring the poor. An empirical study will be carried out assessing how health insurance can be an essential component in the fight to evade the poverty trap.
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