How American immigration was like that of Europeans, and what they did for survival

| February 3, 2014

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Please write a free style essay about… how American immigration was like for Europeans, and what they did for survival. This is a free topic American history essay, so please use any source necessary. Also, you can write anything other than I stated above. If you have any question, call me anytime night or day.
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For a long time, America has been a destination for many immigrants from different parts of the world. In the colonial period, many immigrants in the United States were from countries in the northern Europe. There was a significant decline in the number of immigrants entering the United States in 1770s following the revolutionary war (Duke, 2009, p. 38). However, a rise in the number of immigrants entering the United States was again experienced in the 1840s and 50s. Most of the immigrants during this period were from Germany and Ireland. The major factor that facilitated the immigration of these people was poor agricultural performance in their countries. Majority of immigrants had settled in New York. This is evidenced by the increase in population in New York from two hundred thousand in 1830 to five hundred and fifteen thousand in 1850 (United States. Congress, 2008, p. 248). In 1860, 50% of one million residents of New York were immigrants and their children born in America. Following the civil war, there was a need for more labor in America to recover the industrial performance of America. This led to the increase in number of immigrants from Europe………..ORDER NOW…
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