Hotel& Restaurant Food Allergy Questions

| February 28, 2014

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Is there an allergy awareness program present in your establishment?
If yes:
What allergies are you most focused on?
What allergies are most popular with your customers?
How do you prepare for customers with allergies?
Does the menu present customers with an allergen free option?
Are different kitchen utensils, plates, and cookware used to prepare special ordered food?
Who is notified when a customer has allergy concerns?
Do your servers, cooks, and all other employees know proper allergy protocol?
Do all staff members know what is thought to be an allergen and in what foods they are in?
What are the steps taken by staff members when a customer experiences an allergic reaction?
Are staff member trained how to handle special ordered meals ?
What training do staff members receive?
If no:
Why is there no such program?
What is done when a customer needs food without a certain food or mix due to allergies?
Do staff members know what foods have possible allergens in them?
What is done when a customer has an allergic reaction?
Do you think it is important to have allergy awareness to your staff and customers?
Are you going to in the future have allergy awareness programs implemented?
What would these programs for staff include?
What training do you see necessary for you staff members
Where will you and your company get the “right” information for the proper food allergy awareness programs?
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