Hot Flat and Crowded- Why We Need Green Revolution and How it Can Renew

| May 15, 2016

Summary of “Hot, Flat and Crowded” by Thomas L. FriedmanName of StudentInstitutionCourseProfessor DateChapter 1: Where Birds Don’t Fly. Over the years, America has been distracted by war and terror attack, which has lead to its loss from global leadership. From Freidman viewpoint green is a new national strategy to take American economy to its new heights. The convergence of hot global warming, flat globalisation of the marketplace and crowded growing competition for resources increase the magnitude of problems such as energy supply and demand, climate change, and energy poverty and biodiversity loss. Something must be done about these problems because they determine Americas’ peace, economic growth, security and human rights.Chapter 2: Today’s Date, Today’s Weather: Hot, Flat, and Crowded. The current world population is at 6.7 billion, and it will increase by 2.5 billion over the next 45 years as projected by the UN. He uses the word. Flat to mean that technical force such as computer and the internet, market and geopolitical events already have levelled the global playing field. The term Hot has been used to mean that the earth’s average temperature and atmospheric concentration of carbon has risen due to global warming.Chapter 3:Our Carbon Copies, Energy and Resource Supply and Demand, Doha, China, Dalian and India are illustrations of what happens when flat meets crowded. The Americans need to redefine their middle class lifestyle as Japan, and Europe have already shown that it is possible to live a middle-class life with less per capita consumption than the United States. There is a need for more innovation and ideas concerning energy demands and resource consumption. Chapter 4: Fill ’Er Up with Dictators, this chapter is about an argument that petroleum states absent democratic forms of government and the way they tend persist as authoritarian states. In pertolis…

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