Hospital Operational Case Study

| April 21, 2014

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Complete instructions regarding this case study will be included in the uploaded file(s).
– Please see the uploaded documents: They contain a few examples of the type of sources you can use
– References:
• Use mostly sources from 2000 – 2014 (only a few from the 1990’s can be used)
• More than one source to backup facts stated in the paper
• Have a variety of references
• Clear references
• Take a picture/screenshot of the sources used ( Ex. books & journals used)
• Have a copy of all sources used
– Use: Articles/ Journals/ Books/ Electronic Library sources/ Reputable websites
– Don’t use more than 6 internet sources out of the 20 sources/references I requested.
– Citation is important: For example if you state this sentence in the literature review: “Most researchers state that multi-evaluation tools is better than one tool”, you should have sources to cite to backup this claim.
– 6 pages in length
– Last page should be a bibliography containing all the references used
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