HOSP100 Week 6: Segmented Markets

| September 15, 2016

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HOSP100 Week 6: Segmented Markets
or the discussion this week, explore some different hotel websites. Post a specific example of a hotel that specifically caters to the different guest classifications listed below. A “specific example” means “the Hilton Times Square”, not just “Hilton Hotel”. For each specific hotel chosen, thoroughly explain why you feel they are catering to that particular market segment, using specific examples that you found on their website. Include links to each hotel and back up your statements with citations in APA format.
Business Travelers, upstairs guests
Business Travelers, downstairs guests
Leisure Travelers, upstairs guests
Leisure Travelers, downstairs guests
This topic applies what you have learned about the various market segments in the lodging industry, as well as deciding how a certain hotel is applying the marketing mix to target their particular market.
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