Honor killing: love of children or fear of losing status

| March 14, 2014

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Argumentative essay
Title: Honor killing: love of children or fear of losing status (I disagree with honor killing)
• 2-4 quotes
• 1200 words
Reference list (APA Format and include citation)
1) Introduction: (thesis statement: honor killing should not be accepted in any religion or society, because it is an unethical act to be performed by any family member.)
2) Body 1:
• Include statistics
• The effects of honor killing (ex: educational background)
• Include a direct quote and give apa citation and explain about it
3) Body 2:
• Include a paraphrased quote using apa citation (explain about it)
• How religion affects honor killing
• Include a quote to explain about religion
4) Body 3:
• The laws against honor killing worldwide (ex: in Jordan, india..)
• Include quote
5) Conclusion:
• Restate thesis statement
• Main points of the essay
• Summarizing the main thoughts
• Recommendation
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